We have done what we wanted. We have discarded dreams, preferring the heavy industry of each other, and we have welcomed grief and called ruin the impossible habit to break.

1/10 favorite musicians → Miles Kane

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For all of you heading off to your first day of school don’t forget your


make me choose ♡ gamoras asked

dane dehaan or andrew garfield?

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Today in Solidarity: Incredible Women (and Girls) of Ferguson 

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rly rough quick gwen speedpaint

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Anthony Mackie, photographed by Lucie Hugary.

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i dont know if i have mentioned this but the wifi in my apartment is shitty as hell and i am getting so fucking sick of it i have to reset it constantly it just randomly stops working and its so slow this is so. obnoxious honestly like what the fuck


If you’re straight you’re straight, you can’t get more straight. If you’re gay though you can get gayer every day if you work at it. That’s the fun part about being gay. You’re constantly moving past your limits.